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Waialae Cuntry Club: True Golf Classics Preview

Publisher - Nintendo
Developer - T&E Soft
Platform - N64
Release Date - Released
Type - Sports

Nintendo is finally recognizing the needs of the ninche market with itís upcoming golf game, the first to hit the N64 (at least on this side of the Pacific). Waila Country Club : True Golf Classics should prove to be a golf fanís wet dream by pushing simulation with extremely accurate physics.

The control in this game is said to be extremely well done. Anyone can pick up the controller and play without any fuss and do well in the game while an experienced player can learn all the tricks of the system to improve their game.

The graphics on the actual golf courses themselves were done extremely well, however off course objects such as trees or spectators donít do justice to the rest of the game. The game is reported to have frame problems but that will surely be fixed before the North American debut.

As far as game modes are concerned this game is packed with Training, Solo, Tournament and Versus modes. Their are also plenty of in-game options that further add to the realism allowing you to position the gold ball, select your club and even customize your stance.

If you are a golf fan this game looks to be a must have, if not then it definitely looks worthy of a rental.