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WWF Warzone Preview

Publisher - Acclaim
Developer - Iguana West
Platform - N64
Release Date - August 5 1998
Type - Sports

Are you ready? I said are you ready? For the thousands in attendance and the millions wordwide, ladies and gentlemen, lets get ready to S*CK IT! If you think this game is gonna rule, give me a Hell Yeah! We are BIG wrestling fans and after seing these shots we are in the edge of our seats. These new screenshots look awesome! The game will feature many of your favorite WWF wrestlers including Bret Hart (he recently left WWF and went to WCW) The game will feature numerous feautures:

*Photo realistic polygonal wrestlers and 3-D environments.
*Create-a-Wrestler -Customize a wrestler's gender, strength, endurance, costume, body type and much more!
*Motion captured maneuvers by the premiere WWF wrestlers.
*Over 300 moves including signature moves for each wrestler.
*Finishing moves and taunts unique to each wrestler including the Stone Cold Stunner, The Undertaker's
*Tombstone Piledriver, and Shawn Michael's Sweet Chin Music.
*2 man commentary featuring Vince McMahon and Jim Ross at ringside.
*Training mode allows you to practice maneuvers before you take on your opponent.
*9 gameplay modes including WWF Challenge, Vs., Tag Team, Co-op Tag Team, Steel Cage Matches,
*Weapons Match, War Mode, Gauntlet and Training Mode.
*Power Meter measures a wrestler's energy throughout the match.
*Surprise your opponents with weapons including chair, table, etc.
*Multiple Camera Angles

As you can see in this screenshot the characters look just like the actual wrestlers. The lineup includes Bret Hart, The Undertaker, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Goldust, Mankind, Shawn Michaels, The British Bulldog, Farooq, Rocky Miavia, Hunter Hearst Helmsley, Kane, The Headbangers and Ken Shamrock. There will also be additional secret characters. They only secret characters that have been confirmed are Mick Foley's alter egos Dude Love and Cactus Jack. Finally a WWF game that is not "Mortal Kombat" style like WWF Wrestlemania and In Your House.