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Automobili Lamborghini Review

Publisher - Nintendo
Developer - Titus
Platform - N64
Type - Racing
Score - 7/10

A large chunk of the N64 game library is comprised of racing games. In the beginning, most of the games were silly, wacky, or just plain unbelievable. In the recent months, more realistic racers have joined the line up (Multi Racing Championship, Top Gear Rally, F1 Pole Position, and San Francisco Rush). Does the N64 need yet another racer?

The question is, "Does this game have anything new to offer, and is it different from the rest?" Lamborghini tries to be the most realistic racing game on the N64. F1 Pole Position beats you with the boring brick of reality. Lamborghini holds the brick in its hand for a while, but it never hits you with it. Lamborghini lacks SF Rush's psycho jumps and Top Gear's off road shortcuts. In general, Lamborghini comes off as a little bland, but it is possible to get into it.

I have to say that I like the control in this game. It took a while to get the hang of both SF Rush and Top Gear Rally, but steering in this game comes easy to beginners. If you're still having problems, you can turn down the control's sensitivity. Once you get the hang of basic steering issues, you progress to a harder racing mode in which the car swerves all over the road. This allows drivers from beginner to advanced to sit down and have some fun.

Lamborghini never gives you scary car crashes or prolific wipe outs. The courses look very good but they are simplistic and straight forward. This in itself is not a problem, it's more a matter of preference. If you like weird and wild courses, or unrealistic racing, this just isn't a game for you. The only graphical problem this game has is its sense of speed. It would be more accurate to say its lack of speed. When you're in the 3rd person camera mode, the game just doesn't feel fast. In 1st person mode, it gets a little faster. Even in 1st person mode, it doesn't get as fast as SF Rush, and it doesn't get anywhere near Extreme-G. Lamborghini uses pre-streaked textures in an attempt to make it seem a little faster and smoother, but not even that effect gives the impression of speed.

Sticking with the realism theme, there aren't a lot of shortcuts in the game, and extended races may require breaks in the pit stop. Unlike F1 Pole Position, the player has significant control over the pit stops; you actually control changing the tires and refueling.

The sound in Lamborghini gets the job done, but it won't leaving you humming a catchy tune. The game does support the rumble pak, which is always a plus. The graphics and the sound both give the game a dull feeling but there's still hope for Lamborghini. Why? Unlike all the other straight car racing games, Lamborghini is the only N64 racer that will let you play with four players at once. That's right Sparky, four players.

Lamborghini may not be the faster racer in the world, but it doesn't slow down any in two player mode. It also gives you the entire split screen, not a smaller portion of the screen like Top Gear Rally or Multi Racing Championship. It also does three and four player split screens with no slowdowns, but they use a little fog to make the N64's job easier. Even with the slightly less than astonishing speed, Lamborghini is a lot of fun in multiplayer mode and that gives it an edge over the other automobile racing games.

I wish I could say single player mode was as good as multi, but it won't give you a real racing rush. The artificial intelligence for the CPU cars is decent and there's an option to prevent it from cheating (passed cars won't automatically catch up). If you're looking for an automobile racing games that will keep you occupied for solo outings, you'd be better off going for SF Rush or Top Gear Rally. If it's four player action you want, this is it.