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Human Grand Prix Review

Publisher - Human
Developer - Human
Platform - N64
Type - Racing
Score - 4/10

Human Grand Prix, the latest Japanese Nintendo game to arrive on store shelves, is the first simulation-style formula 1 racer on the 64-bit platform. A strip-down, almost bleak racer, Human Grand Prix is an example of a rush job, a game that could've used about three more months of tweaking, polishing, and hard work to eliminate its many problems. What gamers get is an incomplete title that sticks a sharp knife into the eye of Nintendo's quality-versus quantity theory, bedunking it again.

Human Grand Prix blends simulation style formula 1 racing cars, courses, and precision handling with the more forgiving qualities of an arcade racer. Starving sim racing fans will probably fall over themselves to get this game, simply because there aren't any others out yet. The racing itself is simple to learn, players using the A and B buttons alternately to accelerate and brake. Gamers get handy on-the-fly menu items using the C buttons: Right changes perspective, bottom shows a quick rear view, and top displays an on-screen map and racer positions.