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J-League (Perfect Striker) Review

Publisher - Nintendo/Konami
Developer - Konami
Platform - N64
Type - Sports
Score - 6/10

The first soccer game out for the Nintendo 64 on any shore, Konami's J-League Perfect Strikerdoesn't necessarily live up its "perfect" name, but the gameplay is thick with good moves and fluid graphics, and there is some fun to be had.

Of course, what's immediately striking about the game is its gracefully moving players, all 22 of them, which rove about realistically, motion-captured and rendered beautifully onscreen. Watching strikers launch into attacks is cool because the players actually look back and around them to see if opponents are coming or not. Goalies dive and protect their nets with natural human motions, and the realistic gravity in their jumps and falls is superb. The game also glows with the typical anti-alias, z-buffered look that most 3D N64 inherently display.