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Mission: Impossible Review

Publisher - Ocean
Developer - Infogrames
Platform - N64
Type - Action/Adventure
Score - 8/10

Mission:Impossible truley has turned out to be just about all it said it would be with just a couple of let-downs; but that isn't to say that it's not a great game. Mission:Impossible has all styles of game play which is sure to please all sorts of people. You get to hang from a fiber wire, from getting to look through the scope of a sniper rifle protecting Ethan hunt, to sneaking around and silently taking out gaurds as you infiltrate different locations as to achieve certain objectives. Ocean has done an incredible job at creating the atmosphere and intense spy situations, plus the actual locations that the game visits are very believable and certainly spark the spy within you. The level of detail is nothing less than stunning in Mission:Impossible, the locations show much work and thought put into the scenery of each level, the enemies textures are well drawn but lack the photo captured faces that GoldenEye has, but the actual polygons which make up each figure's face has an unusual amount of detail put into them. The textures in each location definetly turn the mood of the game to a very spy feel. The actual animation of each character is stunning. Ethan Hunt has such detail put into his sneak is truley unbelievable!!!!! And the gaurds and other enemies also have the same amount of detail and time put into there animation as well. The art overall is definetly well thought out. Now lets talk about the sound in Mission:Impossible......the sound is descent at best, the sound effects lack the time and effort that they truley deserved, the gun's sound effects in Mission:I mpossible are not truley great....but they do keep the atmosphere in the spy feel. The music on the other hand is extrememly well recorded and thought out. The music is very well really makes you feel like a spy as you make your way around each level. The music overall is great, but sound effects are a bit lacking.

The actual story line does follow the movie to a point....but the game does stem off into it's own story aside from what the movie's story line is. The mission briefings alone show how solid and how much time had been put into the story. The game has some truley stunning visuals...Each new actual "area" has a mission briefing that is played out as a CG movie with an actual voice explaining your mission in intricate detail. The mission breifing movies show how much effort had been put into the story alone. Mission:Impossible's enemies are definetly nothing short of astounding..........they have an intelligence level so high it's scary. An example of this intelligence is that you are a guest at a party, you must place smoke generators in all of the air ducts.......there is a watch guard encircling the hallways off the party, if he sees you putting the smoke generators in the air ducts than he will immediatly move in and arrest you. (And when I say that when he "see's you" I mean he actual can see you depending on where you are positioned and where his line of vision is focused at the moment.) The intelligence of the enemies in Mission:Impossible are what puts this game many steps and bounds ahead of GoldenEye. The setting of Mission:Impossible is 20 levels that span across 5 areas. Each level invokes a certain amount of spy feel.......and forces you to think intelligently and not just run around with your guns blazing.(which if you do start just shooting widely,you will soon learn how stupid that really is.) Overall Mission:Impossible is a great game.. .........and I think that you should go out and purchase your copy, because you just might be surprised.