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Quest 64 Review

Publisher - THQ
Developer - Imagineer
Platform - N64
Type - RPG
Score - 6/10

Some people may consider this to be a harsh review, but I sure don't. I found this game to be a horrible RPG. Whoever designed this game obviously didn't know how to make real RPGs. The only real good RPGs I've found to be were made by Squaresoft. Quest 64's play control makes the game confusing and tiresome. The camera angles constantly switch around, so often, you'll end up going in the wrong direction. The game design is the worst of it. I remember that when I started to play the game, I thought it was incredibly boring and hoped for the battle scenes to be more interesting. But I found the battle scenes to be even worse. The battle scenes are tedious, and built wrong. In the game, you can't get new weapons, armor, or other equipment. They don't use GP in this game, which makes it less interesting. The only thing you can change is your magic.

The sound in this game is about equal to a Super Nintendo's sound, nothing special. The replay value is low because of the boringness of the game. The graphics are the only upside to it. There really is no strategy in this game. This game is too complicated for beginners, yet too boring for advanced players. Just don't buy this game!