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Wetrix Review

Publisher - Ocean
Developer - Zed Two
Platform - N64
Type - Puzzle
Score - 8/10

Wetrix is the third puzzle game for the 64. How do i know? Because Tetrisphere and Bust-A-Move 2 came before it. Hence making Wetrix thee third puzzle game. Yeah, now you know how i got a 100% on my report card for Math. Yeah, you heard me. 100%. Swear to god. no kiddin.

Ok, moving on swiftly to the game itself... my thesis statement. Three is the lucky charm for the 64 when it comes to puzzle games... Wetrix is by far in my top three for puzzle games on ANY console (the other two being PuzzleFighter and Bust-A-Move). I LOVE this game. Don't let that stupid EGM review get your hopes up. Wetrix is GOOD. I'm not kidding. It's kind of hard to grasp, and it has a mediocre two-player mode, but other than that, it is probably the most enjoyable puzzle game I have ever played in my life. That's fourteen years!! Whoo...

The game concept is simple enough. You are given a flat board to start with. Now, you have to build walls, dams, bridges, whatever to keep falling water from escaping. Easy? No. The water keeps on accumulating until you're finally game over. It's hard. Rubber duckies, earthquakes, lightning bolts and fireballs are some weapons that can help you or destroy you in the game. It's all very innovative. All very original too. This game doesn't get boring at all. The fast pace keeps you on your toes and ready to go.

The graphics in this game are amazing. Great water physics. The water moves realistically; it ripples, splashes, leaks, whatever. The grounds are also cool, with rounded, real-time lighted figures, to give the game a smooth look. The blasts are the best though. Wait till you see the grounds get hit with a fireball!

The music once agains says: see, the N64 can handle decent music! and the sound effects are top notch. You really can't go wrong with the music, but it just gets a bit to repetitive for me.

Ok, here comes lastibility. I've played this game for three days straight, ignoring Mortal Kombat4, Virtual Chess and Banjoe Kazooie. I even ignored Gran Turismo. This game has to be that good. It's very addictive. It also has many play modes, such as Original, Time Attack, Survival (god, sounds like a fighting game) and a very average two-player mode. Unless you have a 50+ inch TV, you cannot fully enjoy the two player mode. The screen is just to narrow, and the framerate has dropped a bit. Also, all you could do to your enemy was plant bombs down his ass. Can't you select any other weapons? I remember having the best 2-player puzzle game called Yoshi's Cookie. They had the most innovative weapons in the world. Can't Wetrix have the same? Aw, ok, i'll just shut up. I know i'm bitching now. But really, you will be playing this game for months on end, two player or not. It's that fun.

But first, a few gripes. Besides the two player mode, there are two things that really piss me off. First, the game is WAY too hard in the beginning. The blocks fall too fast, there are too many disasters early in the game, and water accumulates too quickly. Lastly, the controls in this game are hard to grasp at first. You'll be lucky to pass through the first level without making any mistakes. This game has a huge learning curve.

Here's my bottom line: If you like puzzle games, this is the best console puzzle I've played in a LONG time. If you don't like puzzle games, this will make you like puzzle games. It's really, really good. Give it a spin, at the very least.