Ultra Descent Preview

Publisher - InterPlay
Developer - InterPlay
Platform - N64
Release Date - April 1999
Type - 3D Shooter

With the Descent series, the hot action property built on the Doom model, Interplay’s stab at making a hit game on Nintendo 64 is very likely. After all, Descent took the first-person action title into a fully engrossing 3D environment making excellent use of the Z-axis, and took the PC gamer market by storm in doing so.

But will Nintendo 64 buyers be interested in a average port of the Doom killer, and will it be too early to crank out Descent 3 while Descent 2 is still selling well on the PC and Mac? The answer is not as easily answered as one would think. And this may be part of the reason why Interplay, though publicly acknowledging it will make an N64 Descent, is mute on its creation or arrival. (Thus, these screen-shots were taken from the PC version). N64.com reporters, however, were able to speak with Interplay’s Raphael Hernandez, associate producer, about the game. "Basically, we have to decide which direction we want to go with the game," he said. "We have a lot of options, and we have two games already out [on the PC], but we’re still in the early planning stages.

"We’re very confident that the Nintendo 64 will be a huge success. It’s a developers dream. You can make anything great on that platform. That won’t be a problem."

Though Descent for N64 is a long way off, with a possible late spring or summer release date, it will be one of just three games in the first-person, action genre for the N64 (Doom 64 and Turok being the others). Check in for more details soon.