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Turok 2: Seeds Of Evil Info

You've been asking for it, and now you have it. Here is the latest information on Turok 2. Here you will find just the facts and information your looking for nothing else. If you want a preiew, check out my Preview Section.

With its totally revamped game engine, Turok 2 promises to raise the bar for all N64 games. From what we've seen, it will deliver unprecedented levels of action and graphic detail with no loss in speed. Turok 2 will feature villians old and new, including a half-human, half-reptile "Dinosoid". Even returning enemies like the imfamous Raptors, have been redesigned.

Turok 2 will be full of rich textures, color and detail. This game will contain about ten times the artwork of the previous one. There is supposed to be alot more interaction with your surroundings this time around. Many backgrounds will be animated this time also. Each stage will have dominant species, and the architecture and other graphic elements will be consistant with that species.

Enemies will be faster, smarter and more aggressive. Each body part will be programmed with a different damage modifier, with head wounds at the top of the list. The animators wanted to make combat faster and more frenzied, so they programmed new battle routines. Enemies will flinch when wounded, but they will hardly pause in their attacks. Some weapons, like the upgraded minigun, will fire glowing projectiles that will be bright enough to cast shadows! We have also been assured that the multiplayer will feel and look as dramatic as the single player mode does.

There is no telling where this game will lead us, but we can't wait to find out!

Big New Zelda 64 Updates

At E3 in Atlanta, excited gamers got their first chance to explore many aspects of the long-anticipated The Legend Of Zelda: The Ocarina Of Time. The beautiful demo version at the show was designed to introduce players to the basic systems of Link's latest adventure-the movement, the exploration, and the use of weapons and fighting. The demo began with a menu giving players a choice of going on any of three tours. They could explore limited areas of Hyrule, enter dangerous dungeons or battle major enemies. No matter which tour a player entered, they were sure to experience cinematic sequences, rich graphics with stunning lighting and textural effects, and lots of action, whether it was shooting Link's bow and arrow or riding the horse.

Around Hyrule
The Hyrule Tour included options of visiting Link's forest village of Kokori, going into the town of Hyrule, riding a horse in a pasture or going to Kokariko village. In the villages, players could talk to characters, but the text was in Japanese. These town areas may not have been as dangerous as the dungeons, but in the game they will contain clues, help, items, cinematic sequences, and other vital gaming elements. Since they are 3-D environments, Link will be able to go just about everywhere.

Dungeon Dangers
The Dungeon Tour consisted of 6 options. Players could go to the Deku Tree, Dodongo's Lair, the Castle Courtyard, The Temple of the Woods, and The Battle of Gerudo. Here was the chance to experience the action in Zelda, how the weapons worked and how Link moved in battle. It was also a good chance to learn how to use the Z Button's targetting camera, which keeps the viewpoint anchored directly behind Link.

Battle Line
More people were lined up to play Zelda than any other game at E3. And when players finally got the chance, most of them promptly launched into battle. The Battle Tour included a wonderful variety of boss encounters, including a battle with Gohma, King Dodongo, Phantom, Ganon, and Valvaga.

For more Zelda 64 information, check out my Zelda 64 Info page.

Ogre Battle 3 Not Just A Rumor

Epic and Strategy have alot to look forward to on the N64. The Japanese developer, Quest, has confirmed that Ogre Battle 3 for the N64 is nearing completion. In fact, Quest says that the strategy game will be released this fall in Japan. It will very likely be good news for North American gamers, as well, because this is where the hot N64 market is these days. Quest sent Nintendo Power a binder full of materials, art and screen shots from the game, some of which we're not showing here. What makes Ogre Battle so unusual is that players control multiple parties, each composed of individual fighters, magicians, and monsters and they can move their parties all over a huge overworld map where an epic war is underway. The sequel to Ogre Battle, Tactics Ogre, was never released here, although it was a hit in Japan.

In Tactics Ogre, more intricate battles could be played out because Quest created 3D maps where individual characters could be moved around during the acutal fight. Battle tactics became more interactive than ever before. Now, in Ogre Battle 3 for the N64, Quest combines many of the great features of both prequels-the open RPG-feel of Ogre Battle and some of the tacticle real-time feel of Tactics Ogre. In addition to incredible depth of play, epic gamers will be treated to beautiful graphics and animation scenes. We don't know if Ogre Battle 3 will be released in North America, but we hope someone will follow our suggestion and pick it up. If there are any takers, we'll let you know.

July's Hitlist

Here are a few games that you should be seeing in stores this July:

Bomberman Hero:
..* Nintendo/96 Megabits
..* 1 Player
..* 2 Game Save Files
..* 6 Worlds
..*** 7.1/10
WWF: Warzone:
..* Acclaim/128 Megabits
..* 1 to 4 Players Simultanious
..* Controller and Rumble Pak Compatible
..* Hidden Characters
..* Create A Wrestler Option
..* WWF Licence and Stars
..*** 7.4/10
F-1 World Grand Prix:
..* Video Systems/96 Megabits
..* 1 or 2 Players Simultanious
..* Controller and Rumble Pak Compatible
..* Replay Mode
..* F-1 Licence Includes Drivers And Teams
..*** 7.9/10
Waialae CC: Tru Golf Classics:
..* Ninendo/128 Megabits
..* 1 to 4 Players Alternating
..* 10 Game Save Files
..* 6 Play Modes
..* Auto Handicapping
..*** 7.4/10
GT 64 Championship Edition:
..* Ocean/128 Megabits
..* 1 to 2 Players Simultanious
..* Controller and Rumble Pak Compatible
..* 6 Courses
..* 14 Cars and Racing Teams
..*** 6.7/10
I.S.Soccer '98:
..* Konami/96 Megabits
..* 1 or 4 Players Simultanious
..* Controller Pak Compatible
..* 6 Game Modes
..*** 8.5/10
Flying Dragon:
..* Natsume/96 Megabits
..* 1 to 2 Players Simultanious
..* Controller Pak Compatible
..* 2 Play Modes
..* 2 Graphic Modes
..*** 6.2/10
..* Ocean/64 Megabits
..* 1 to 2 Players Simultanious
..* Controller Pak Compatible
..*** 7.4/10

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Activision has secured the rights to publish six new games from Disney Interactive across multiple home consoles. The games, which have not yet been announced, will be based on Disney's upcoming films (including Toy Story 2) as well as classics from the past. Activision isn't talking specifics, but the company does have multiple projects in the works for Nintendo 64, some of which have yet to be announced. Logic suggests that at least one of Activision's future titles for Nintendo 64 will indeed be based on a Disney product.

Preparations for 1080 Snowboarding 2?

Nintendo's 1080 Degrees Snowboarding has only been available for less than five months, but its designers say that a possible sequel is already underway. When asked about specifics in an interview conducted by Nintendo Power, 1080's project leader Giles Goddard commented, "I'd like to make another game with a similar style but with some differences. It should be easier this time around since we built some great tools for making small adjustments to the physics of the control. We'll use the same engine in the sequel."
In response to queries regarding when the game would arrive, Shigeru Miyamoto, also featured in the interview, said, "If we have a show this fall, perhaps we can show a little bit, bit it might only be on tape. It might be a problem to have a sequel ready for the next snowboarding season this fall, which is when we'd like to release the game."
No game details were made available, but given the track records of both Miyamoto and Goddard, we can only expect good things. We'll have more as it becomes available.

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