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Publisher Developer Type Score
Doom 64 M.H.E. M.H.E. 3D Shooter 8/10
Duke Nukem' 64 GT Interactive 3D Realms/Eurocom 3D Shooter 6/10
Hexen GT Interactive id Software 3D Shooter 3/10
Quake id Software M.H.E. 3D Shooter 6/10
Turok: Dinosaur Hunter Acclaim Iguana 3D Shooter 8/10
Doraemon Epoch Epoch Action 3/10
Forsaken Acclaim Probe Action 6/10
Goldeneye 007 Nintendo Rare Action 10/10
Mission: Impossible Ocean Infogrames Action 8/10
Robotron 64 Crave Player One Action 7/10
Star Wars: S.O.T.E. Nintendo Lucas Arts Action 8/10
Super B-Daman Battle Hudson Soft Hudson Soft Action 4/10
Chameleon Twist Sun Soft Japan System Supply Adventure 6/10
Ganbare Goemon Konami Konami Adventure 6/10
Super Mario 64 Nintendo Nintendo Adventure 10/10
Yoshi's Story Nintendo Nintendo Adventure 8/10
Bio FREAKS Midway Saffire Fighting 6/10
Clay Fighter 63 1/3 Interplay Interplay Fighting 4/10
Dark Rift Vic Tokai Kronos Fighting 5/10
Dual Heroes Hudson Soft Hudson Soft Fighting 2/10
Fighters Destiny Ocean Imagineer Fighting 7/10
Killer Instinct Gold Nintendo Rare Fighting 7/10
Mace: The Dark Age Midway Atari Games Fighting 8/10
Mortal Kombat 4 Midway Probe Fighting 8/10
Mortal Kombat Myth. M.H.E. M.H.E. Fighting 6/10
Mortal Kombat Trilogy M.H.E. M.H.E. Fighting 5/10
War Gods M.H.E. Eurocom Fighting 7/10
AeroFighters Assault Nintendo Paradigm Inc. Flying 5/10
Chopper Attack Midway Seta Flying 6/10
Pilot Wings 64 Nintendo Nintendo Flying 4/10
Starfox64 Nintendo Nintendo Flying 8/10
Banjo Kazooie Nintendo Rare Platform 9/10
Bomberman 64 Nintendo Hudson Soft Platform 7/10
Mischief Makers Nintendo Treasure Platform 7/10
Bust-A-Move 2 Acclaim Taito Puzzle 6/10
Jeopardy Gametek Gametek Puzzle 6/10
Puyo Puyo Sun64 Compile Compile Puzzle 7/10
Tetrisphere Nintendo H20 Puzzle 6/10
Wetrix Ocean Zed Two Puzzle 8/10
Wheel Of Fortune Gametek Gametek Puzzle 7/10
1080 Snowboarding Nintendo Nintendo Racing 9/10
Aero Guage ACSII Entertainment Locomotive Racing 3/10
Automobili Lamborghini Nintendo Titus Racing 7/10
Cruis'n USA Nintendo M.H.E. Racing 5/10
Diddy Kong Racing Nintendo Rare Racing 8/10
Extreme-G Acclaim Probe Racing 9/10
F-1 World Grand Prix Video System USA Paradigm Entertainment Racing 9/10
F-1 Pole Position Ubi Soft Human Racing 5/10
Human World Grand Prix Human Human Racing 4/10
Mario Kart 64 Nintendo Nintendo Racing 8/10
Multi Racing Championship Ocean Imagineer Racing 5/10
Off Road Challenge Midway Midway Racing 3/10
San Fransisco Rush Midway Atari Games Racing 6/10
Snowboard Kids Atlus Racdym Racing 8/10
Top Gear Rally Midway/Kemco Boss Game Studios Racing 8/10
Wave Race 64 Nintendo Nintendo Racing 8/10
Mystical Ninja Konami KCE Osaka RPG 8/10
Quest 64 THQ Imagineer RPG 6/10
Blast Corps Nintendo Rare Simulation 9/10
Rampage World Tour Midway Midway Simulation 6/10
Sim City 2000 Imagineer Imagineer Simulation 4/10
All Star Baseball '99 Acclaim Iguana Sports 7/10
Fifa Soccer 64 E.A. E.A. Canada Sports 5/10
Fifa '98 E.A. E.A. Sports Sports 6/10
I.S.S. Soccer 64 Konami Konami Sports 8/10
J-League (Perfect Striker) Nintendo/Konami Konami Sports 6/10
K.B. In NBA Courtside Nintendo Left Field Sports 7/10
Madden 64 E.A. Sports Tiburon Sports 7/10
MLB Feat. K.G. Jr. Nintendo Angel Studios Sports 7/10
Mike Piazza's Strikezone GT Interactive D.T.E. Sports 3/10
Nagano Winter Olympics '98 Konami Blue Byte Sports 5/10
NBA Hangtime M.H.E. M.H.E. Sports 7/10
NBA In The Zone '98 Konami Konami Sports 6/10
NFL Quarterback Club '98 Acclaim Entertainment Iguana Sports 7/10
NHL Breakaway '98 Acclaim Entertainment Iguana Sports 7/10
Olympic Hockey Nagano '98 Midway Atari Games Sports 5/10
Waialae CC: T.G.C. Nintendo T&E Soft Sports 7/10
Wayne Gretzky's Hockey M.H.E. M.H.E. Sports 6/10
Wayne Gretzky's Hockey '98 M.H.E. Atari Games Sports 6/10
WCW vs. NWO World Tour THQ Asmik/Aki Co. Sports 6/10
World Cup '98 E.A. E.A. Sports Sports 6/10
Virtual Chess 64 Titus Titus Strategy 8/10